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Sell or Lease your eco and sustainable property


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    Our Community

    Become part of this exclusive community of architects, developers, engineers and creators that challenge common ideas and create eco sustainable projects.

    Nativis Projex is for you if you look for:

    Sustainable properties for sale Sustainable wall property Sustainable plant property Sustainable wall property
    Faster sales process Faster sales process

    Highest return on investment Highest return on investment

    Access to premium clients Access to premium clients

    Care for the environment Care for the environment

    A challenging sustainable project A challenging sustainable project

    Network with people who share your ideology about sustainable life.

    Construction types pine

    Construction types

    Our vision is to create a real estate community
    with awareness and respect for the environment.

    Sustainable properties for sale

    Bioclimatic house

    Sustainable properties for sale

    Passive house

    Sustainable properties for sale

    Materials of the area

    leaf Sustainable properties for sale rectangle

    Tiny house

    Sustainable properties with recycled materials

    Recycled materials

    Sustainable properties with materials of the area

    Materials of the area

    Sustainable properties with materials of the area

    Recycled materials

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